From Year 8

It is hard to believe that another School term has ended. This has been an exciting yet long 10 weeks. The students are ready to enjoy some quality time with their families and friends. Term 4 will commence with the year 8 camps at the College’s Torquay campus.

Mercy Day was the highlight of the last two weeks and each of the year 8 stalls was very popular, and the money raised went to the Mercy Charities. The students were very enthusiastic with their organisation and running of their stalls. 8A sold Lucky Dips, 8B sold gelato and 8C organised a Chocolate Coin Toss with A Twist. An outstanding effort from every pastoral group and every student!

There was such a buzz in the year 7 area during our last Nourish session for the term. The Year 7 & 8 Mentor Program was an opportunity for the two-year levels to come together and allowed the Year 8 students to offer advice and strategies or discuss skills they have learnt since commencing at the College. It was a wonderful opportunity to build friendships between Year 7 & 8 students and remind year 8 of the challenges they have overcome since starting their secondary education.

Have a wonderful Term 3 break.

Rita Stangherlin, Year 8 Leader
Week 8 Mercy Day Reflections
On Mercy Day, we sold gelato to our fellow students and teachers. It was fun and rewarding to see their smiling faces as they enjoyed the delicious gelato. We sold 3 flavours of gelato, chocolate: the most popular, lemon and strawberry. We sold out of chocolate in the first twenty minutes and in the next hour we sold the rest. It was also very rewarding to know that we were giving back to the mercy charities. Overall, the gelato was very delicious, everyone kept coming back wanting more.
Nicola Watson and Polly Jean Butterfield 8B
8C had a terrific time operating the chocolate coin toss whilst fundraising for Mercy Day. We all had a great time, sharing memories with friends and cheering everyone on as they attempted to win a chocolate.
The Chocolate Coin Toss with A Twist was an idea created by the class in which you try to toss a coin into a shape. A triangle, a square, and a circle were the shapes. Each shape represented a different size of chocolate. 8C is grateful for the opportunity to share this enjoyable experience whilst also giving back to the community.
Emilia Redshaw 8C