English Spotlight

From Year 8

This term, the Year 8s are exploring the world of speculative fiction with Suzanne Collins' dystopian novel The Hunger Games. Students began their studies by being sorted into the Districts and creating presentations introducing us to the world of Panem.

As the term progresses, our students will delve deeper into the themes and motifs present in the text. They will then apply their understanding to create engaging, thought-provoking essays that identify the moral messages that lay underneath. For many students, who are long-time lovers of the "Hunger Games" franchise, this is an excellent opportunity to actively participate in class discussions and critically evaluate the novel, showcasing their intellectual growth and engagement with the subject matter.

Before we dive into "The Hunger Games," we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of our Year 8 students in the previous term. After completing an analytical response to Whale Rider, we were thrilled to see Allegra L (8F), Ruby C (8D), Ava Bl (8C), Vy T (8F), Frankie B (8B), Holly T (8C), and Julius C (8B), receive above 90%. Congratulations to all. Writing analytically is no easy feat, and we were impressed by the effort and improvements made by the cohort. We look forward to their further development with The Hunger Games.

The Year 8 English Team looks forward to another successful term, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Zoe Leonard
English Teacher