Reflection Day

From Year 8

Year 8 Reflection Day was a wonderful day for the Year 8 cohort. The Year 8 students participated in a range of activities throughout the day including developing an understanding of Mercy in Action initiatives, reflecting on their own knowledge of the Mercy Values and Catherine McAuley.

The day began with a Liturgy, and I was very proud to see the Year 8 students engaged and the leadership displayed by our Class Co-Captains and House Leaders in the Liturgy. Mr Chesser delivered a presentation about Catherine McAuley to educate the students on her role in establishing the Sisters of Mercy and her dedication to addressing social justice and poverty.

The Year 8 students showed great compassion, respect, and positivity in each activity, building on their relationships with peers and teachers, strengthening their connection with St Aloysius College.

A BIG thank you to Mr Chesser for helping to organise the day and all the teachers that assisted with the activities, and a friendly reminder of the Community Connect Family Night taking place on Friday, 31st May!

Emma Turner
Year 8 Year Leader

The Year 8 Reflection day took place on Tuesday the 7th May with the focus on “Mercy In Action” and on our College theme of being a “shining light” to those around us. The day started in our College hall with a liturgy led by the Year 8 Leaders, which provided the opportunity to be in prayer together.
Activities throughout the day included sessions of personal reflection, group activities and opportunities to share ideas and understandings of what Mercy means not only for our school, but also for the legacy of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.
Students also started establishing their Mercy In Action goals to achieve for this year as well as writing letters to the Year 7 cohort of their school journey thus far at St Aloysius College.

Michael Chesser
Director of Catholic Mission and Mercy Ethos
The Year 8 Reflection Day was a great time for us to think about Year 8 so far and we did many activities that helped us understand the values of our school from a different perspective. We started with an inspiring Liturgy before doing activities in our pastoral groups that mostly were centred around Mercy and what it is, plus writing letters to the Year 7s to help give them an idea of what Year 8 is like, before gathering with another pastoral group to reflect on the day. Overall, this day was a great experience for me and my fellow peers, and I look forward to more fun events like this.
Ruby C, 8D
On Reflection Day the Year 8 cohort did a bunch of activities which included drawing a poster about Mercy which taught us about Mercy, and Mercy values that this school represents. The Year 8s also made letters for the year 7s to tell them about how different year 7 is to year 8. Then the Year 8s were told to write their Mercy In Action goals for the year and to do at least 5 hours of act and kindness for others.
Joshua M, 8D