Health and Physical Education

From Year 8

Health and Physical Education at St Aloysius in 2024 has undergone a major facelift. The students have been lucky enough to travel to and use the high-class facilities at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville alongside national teams like the Melbourne Vixens and the Melbourne Boomers. Students have been inspired to improve their physical abilities as well as their overall health and wellbeing, taking inspiration from the world-class athletes on the courts next door.

In Physical Education, the Year 8s have just completed their Invasion Unit. This unit has become a favorite among the students as they have been able to flex their skills in contexts such as netball, basketball, and soccer. While skill development is always highlighted throughout Physical Education, the students have also been focusing on identifying and performing strategies to create and defend space within movement challenges. They have also continued to develop their teamwork and communication skills with each other to solve movement challenges positively and effectively.

In Health this term, the Year 8s have been investigating the impact of mental health on our everyday lives. Students have been learning about anxiety, stress, and depression, and the difference between experiencing these feelings in daily life and when they become all-consuming. Students have highlighted the importance of seeking help, looking out for others, and the wealth of support offered by family, friends, the wellbeing team at St Aloysius, as well as external services such as Beyond Blue and Headspace.

Of particular interest, the Year 8s have been unpacking data from Mission Australia’s 2023 Australian Youth Survey. This has led to rich discussions around the social stigmas and perceptions of mental health in the community, especially among young people. We have also discussed the impact of the rise of social media and how this has both provided an all-important platform for mental health awareness while simultaneously perpetuating harmful stereotypes around mental health.

An emerging theme from this unit has been the importance of actively working towards achieving positive mental health outcomes every day. Throughout the unit, the students have been developing their own ‘Healthy Habits Toolbox’ to arm themselves with personal strategies they can use to self-regulate and feel good. I have been consistently impressed with how well the students know themselves and can mediate their own positive health outcomes.

Madeline Vines

As of this year we have been using the State Netball and Hockey Centre for our health and pe classes. I have really been enjoying this due to the high-quality sports facilities. So far, I have liked doing invasion games with friends and learning new skills around defence
Jemima N
Health and PE has been enjoyable because of the new skills and opportunity for teamwork for everyone. The importance of keeping fit and healthy is vital for student health and wellbeing, and PE provides an experience to participate regardless of our ability.
Sam T
This term in health and PE we have been focusing on attack and defence and we have learnt these skills by playing invasion games like basketball and netball. I enjoy this because basketball is a big passion of mine and have developed my skills further this term. The State Netball and Hockey Centre is a high-quality facility, and we are very lucky to access these training grounds.
Wyatt W
This year in Health and PE, we have learnt about the dimensions of health and wellbeing. We get to go to the State Netball and Hockey Centre and use their rooms and courts! My favourite thing this year in health is probably playing (and beating) my friends in sport!
Allegra L