Food Technology

From Year 8

This semester, Year 8 students started their journey in the elective subject Food Technology. As the subject involves both cooking and eating, it has quickly become a favourite on their fortnightly timetable!

From learning basic kitchen skills to participating in Term 2's MasterChef cook-off, the Year 8s have been very busy in Food Tech. Last week, they completed their first practical assessment, which involved a surprise tray of ingredients and an accompanying recipe. In groups, the students had to collaborate, follow the recipe, and complete the dish within a set time. It was wonderful to see all students rise to the challenge, showcasing the skills they have developed over the past two terms.

This year, the focus is on cooking meals and evolving recipes to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets. The next task for the students is to design a healthy family meal that includes at least three vegetables, a grain, and a protein source. The students are currently working on the design process here and hopefully these meals will not only be a success in the cooking room but also make their way to the dinner tables of Year 8 families!

Grace Forslind
Food Technology Teacher

What a fantastic opportunity for the Year 8 students to experience at St Aloysius! These classes provide a hands-on approach to learning while creating different meals through the exploration of various cuisines and techniques. The Year 8 students deepen their knowledge of nutrition in conjunction with food safety and cooking practices. It also provides a cross-curriculum approach, aligned with Health Education and cultivates a positive environment for the students to strengthen their collaborative skills and communication. When I walk into the Year 8 Food Technology classes, it brings me great joy seeing the students’ passion and enthusiasm when learning how to cook. More importantly, their smiles when they get to eat the food they cooked afterwards!

Emma Turner
Year 8 Leader

Food Tech this year has been amazing! We started by learning about the Australian Healthy Eating Guide, and basic kitchen skills, then got to make food! My favourite part was the MasterChef challenge when we had to make a mystery dish and present it nicely. Let me just say - we COOKED.
Allegra L, 8F
Food Technology is a great subject to work on your cooking skills but also food safety around the kitchen and this is important because you will probably cook in the future and food technology is getting you set up for this. Things I like about food technology is that I can cook of course, but also get to learn healthy recipes. One of the challenges I have had this term is the MasterChef challenge when we had to cook without any help from Miss Forslind, but you and your partner have to work together to get the job done with set ingredients and time frame.
Joshua M, 8D
Throughout Food Technology this semester we have been cooking a variety of recipes. Some of our favourites this far have been apple cinnamon pancakes & fried rice. The recipes we have been doing each lesson are recipes that are healthy following the Australian food guide and easy to make at home. Each lesson we work in our group benches and have a bench to upkeep and manage. After our practical lesson we have our theory session where we are currently planning for our next assessment task which is creating our own recipes for a healthy dinner.
Leo R, 8E
During our time in Food Tech this term, we have learnt variations of skills, safety and efficiency when coming to the kitchen. So far, we have made a variety of sweets, savouries and main course meals that families can enjoy while also completing the healthy guide to Australian eating. We have been so lucky to have this experience in the Kitchen and learn different skills from Ms Forslind. We have loved every moment of the cooking and especially eating journey.
Annamai W, 8E