Emma Turner

From Year 8

To the Year 8 Students, Parents, Guardians, and St Aloysius Community,

As we conclude Term 2, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the hard work and achievements of our students. It has been a long term filled with academic success, co-curricular successes, ACS participation, and personal growth.

The Year 8 students have grown individually, and it has been a pleasure to see their development from the start of the year. Last week, the students completed their final assessments, tasks, and projects in preparation for reports to be released. Teachers of the Year 8 students have been impressed by their dedication to their academics and encourage them to continue that into Semester 2. It is important to reflect on the feedback provided to ensure academic success and growth can continue as lifelong learners at St Aloysius College.

We celebrated St Aloysius Day on Friday, 21st June, and it was a festive event. The day began with pastoral activities to remember Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, followed by a whole school mass. The students were then able to get into their costumes and enjoy a range of fun activities around the college.

I’d like to acknowledge and congratulate the following Year 8 students on the College Musical alongside other students from different year levels. It was a BRILLIANT performance!

  • Seb Hall
  • Delilah Tighe
  • Frankie Blaisdell
  • Harrison Brink
  • Joshua McGloin
  • Evie Schultheiss
  • Alex Pham
  • Lila Chominsky
  • Saskia Wong
  • Audrey Tinkler
  • Elliot Travers
  • Adrienne Ong
  • Stephanie Santos
  • Elena McCarthy
  • Matilda Creanor
  • Anastasia Marchionna

On Monday, 24th June, a whole school assembly was held to celebrate achievements across several categories. I’d like to congratulate the following students after receiving recognition and awards:

Celebration of Achievements:

AMEB Instrumental Examination Certificate

  • Dulcie Beaumont
  • Matilda Creanor
  • Elena McCarthy
  • Elizabeth McColl

Student Athlete of the Week

  • Joshua McGloin
  • Sam Thaus

Mercy in Action – Junior Award

  • Dulcie Beaumont

Student of the Semester (Years 7 – 12)

  • Joshua McGloin

Some of the Year 8 students also participated in the Northern Star Interschool Chess Competition on Tuesday, 25th June. Well done for representing St Aloysius College.

  1. Lachlan Aldis
  2. Keira Charnock
  3. Alex Pham
  4. Leo Ream
  5. Louis Sirotic
  6. Saskia Wong
  7. Allegra Lees

In preparation for the school holidays, please take the time to reflect and relax. I encourage the Year 8 students to use the term break to reset, prepare for Term 3, and spend quality time with family and friends. There are exciting opportunities ahead for Term 3!

Emma Turner
Year 8 Year Level Leader

Term 2 has been very enjoyable. The Year 8s have done very well in their schoolwork when it comes to completing assignments and taking tests. St Aloysius Day was just last week, and it was a huge highlight towards the end of the term. There were many tasks to complete throughout the term which may have been a challenge for some of the cohort, but in the end, we all overcame them with smiles on our faces. We are all excited to rest up during the holidays!
Jack F, 8C
In Term 2, many things happened. We were introduced to a new subject called Food Technology. In this subject, we cook food and study food theory. Term 2 also introduced mid-year exams. I enjoy ACS Food Tech, Health and Physical Education, and Japanese. Some things that were challenging were studying for upcoming assignments and exams. Overall, Term 2 was very good and brought some new experiences.
Marcus N, 8D
Term 2 has been really enjoyable. Everyone has settled in and found their feet, and the learning has been both engaging and fun. The students and teachers have been very supportive and have helped me get through tests and projects. The co-curricular activities have been plentiful, and there are multiple opportunities for a wide range of student interests. I think the biggest highlight of the term for everyone was St. Aloysius Day, which allowed for a bit of fun and a break from all the end-of-semester assessments. Semester 2 is coming up, and everyone is excited about what it will hold.
Zach M, 8F
This term has been enjoyable, with many moments of accomplishment and challenge. During Term 2, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring new concepts in all subjects, particularly sport. It was great to learn more about how we can utilise various strategies and techniques to better all forms of sports.
Grace P, 8C
Term 2 has had some great memories for me, such as cooking with my friends in Food Tech, dressing up on St. Aloysius Day, and many more. I love all my subjects and have a great time learning all the content. ACS this term was really good because I'm doing netball with my friends and getting some extra physical activity in. Overall, this term has been amazing.
Annabelle S, 8A
Term 2 this year has been one of my favorites. Throughout the term, I have learned a variety of new skills and overcome new challenges. I loved spending time with my friends, dressing up for St. Aloysius Day, cooking food, and learning new concepts to advance my learning. I have found this term enjoyable.
Lexie P, 8E