Week One Reflections

From Year 8

A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships, and new challenges. Our Year 8 students have started the school year ready to embrace all the above. Besides having their classes, the Year 8 candidates for the role of Class Co-captain have delivered their speeches and each pastoral class has voted. In addition, students have enthusiastically signed up to represent their House for the upcoming whole school Swimming Carnival. Exciting times!

Our Year 8 theme for 2023 is “the courage to step out of our comfort zone” because the magic happens only when we step outside of what feels comfortable. When students challenge themselves to try, they experience the possibilities of success, accomplishment, reward, and growth. Only if students are willing to stretch beyond what they already know, can they become bigger and better versions of themselves. For Year 8 students this may be embracing a new co-curricular activity like debating, playing a new sport, auditioning for the upcoming college musical or improving one’s personal or academic skill set.

The Year 8 pastoral leaders and I are looking forward to working with parents and carers in supporting students and their families. We embrace the view that 2023 will be a most productive, engaging and stimulating year.

I invite you to enjoy some reflections below

Kindest regards,

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Team Leader

Starting back this week at St Aloysius has been great, we got to reunite with our friends and meet new students in our classes. We had to get used to the year 8 timetable and the new environments that came with moving up in the school. For some of the new students, it has felt like a new beginning, and they have had lots of support from students and staff adjusting to the St Aloysius community.
Olivia Sutherland, Pia Millevo, Maisie Mckenzie & Maple Horne
Our first day back started with a year level meeting and class captains' nominees presenting their speech, as the house leaders voting had already occurred during step ahead. Classes then returned to normal but with 60-minute lessons. The first day back is always so exciting to catch up with your friends and share what you did on the holidays. At snack and lunch, we introduced ourselves to some of the new year 7s and welcomed them to our school. Teachers came to remind us of when it was time to have our photos taken. Everyone looked stunning while appropriately wearing the school uniform, and everyone was smiling with sheer happiness. The first day of school is always a day to remember and this year as year eight students, it felt even more special for us as we no longer new to the school. It was a memorable day.
Amy Bozinovic-Dodemaide & Heidi Trollope