From Year 9

Well so the saying goes, ‘Time flies when you are having fun.’ Week Four is already over which means we are approaching Week 5, The middle of the term. Congratulations for a fabulous first half of the Term. There are exciting times coming up Year 9 students in the second half of the term such as Mercy Day, Year 9 Reflection Day and Camp. Also, Year 9 students have been running their Mercy RITES Projects. Book club was launched last week and there are other Mercy RITES competitions that will take place at lunchtimes such as a Wordle Kahoot and Dance Competition.

For this edition of the Newsletter, I thought I would share with a few comments from some Year 9 students on what it is like for them to be in Year 9 at St Aloysius College. I hope you enjoy reading these comments as much as I did.

Mary De Bono, Year 9 Leader

Being a student at St Aloysius feels very welcoming and at home. I come to school every day being greeted at the gates by the lovely teachers and leave school with a feeling of satisfaction. St Aloysius is a safe space for education and laughs
Chirstine Yuan, 9C Class Captain
Being a student at St Aloysius college has been the most welcoming, supporting and accepting times I’ve ever gone through. Teachers and supportive and welcome you to class. They all have these lovely smiles on their faces. The friends I have made are all very supportive of all my actions and have helped me grow as a person and 9B Class Captain Leader. St Aloysius is very accepting of everyone. This college shows great Mercy values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Courage, Hospitality and Service.
Isabella Macri-Mihai, 9B Class Captain