From Year 9

A big congratulations to Fadzai Bako from 9B who spoke at the St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs football match on Saturday 25th March. She spoke about her work with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation and her participation with this inspirational foundation. She has completed the GOAL program which is a program for African Australian Youth where they come together and talk about the issues that they face in their day-to-day life. They get to make connections and form friendships with people with people in their community. She also participated in a Youth Leadership Program which is a program where young people come together to organise a project that helps them support people with issues in their community. Her group created a project on how to reduce racial discrimination and prejudice in schools. Well done to Fadzai for her participation in such a worthwhile cause and being a spokes person and advocate for the program.

Congratulations also to Polly Jean Butterfield who has been participating in a number of rowing regattas over the last few months. On Sunday she competed in three events. She won her second race which was a solo race. It is great to see the dedication of training accumulate to a win in a race.

This week has been full of fun and culture. The LOTE teachers have made an effort to formulate immersion experiences for their classes here at the College. On Monday 27th March, the French students attended the French Film Festival. They watched ‘Ride Above’. They also attended a French Theatre Workshop on Wednesday 29th March during lessons 1 & 2. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience soaking up the French culture. On 29th March, The Japanese students attended Showko, a comedy performance. They found this session extremely funny and a great way to learn about Japanese culture. The Italian students have been working on the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition which will take place June.

There are many Year 9 students that are participating in the College musical. Rehearsals and training are in full swing and they are super excited. The School Production Opening Night will be Thursday 20th July followed by three more shows on Friday 21st and two shows will be on the Saturday 22nd July.

Mary De Bono
Year 9 Leader

The French excursion was an unforgettable experience. We caught the train from Flemington train Station to Batman Station, where we easily walked down to the theatre at the Pentridge Precinct. The movie was really motivating it showed even if something goes wrong there’s always another way for you to do the things you love, for example the girl in the movie was in love with riding horses and she would spend everyday practicing. When the storm came the horses got scared and injured the main character whereby she became paralyzed. At first she was afraid of going near a horse but after some therapy she finally grew the confidence and the strength to ride a horse again and by the end of the movie she won the biggest riding competition. The movie was in French so it was a great way to hear how the charters speak in French. On the Wednesday we had the French theatre workshop that taught us confidence in speaking French. We expanded our vocabulary we also made new friendships from different year levels. We played different games in French my personal favourite was where we had to act different things out and say what we were doing in French. We are incredibly thankful for the experience.
Kendra Kyle 9B
The past 2 weeks have been a blast! A very busy week for everyone with assessments and fun activities. Last week a crepe truck came for 2 days! It was great to have a taste of the French culture! Last week we had Wednesday off for learning conferences, this was also a great opportunity to catch up on Homework. Musical rehearsals started for those involved in Seussical. This week the year 9,10 and 12 French students went to Pentridge Cinema in Coburg for the French Film Festival. They watched a film called Tempete which means Ride Above. The year 9 and 10 French students also had an incursion at school about speaking French and expanding their vocabulary. Japanese students were able to attend a Showko comedy performance in the hall which seemed to be a lot of fun! On Thursday, Year 10 Japanese students are able to participate in a Yakata and matcha tea workshop. A great way to finish term 1!
Helena Carra 9C