From Year 9

The teaching and learning program at St Aloysius College is innovative and exciting. Students in 9A have been learning about electrical circuits in Science. Initially they were excited just to connect the wires and see the light bulbs come on, but after some practice they could model simple appliances like hairdryers, radios and heaters. They will move on to design experiments to predict, observe and explain the results of changing the voltage or resistance in their circuits. They really enjoy going to Science and practical lessons where they learn how to make things work.

On the weekend, I hope families were able to come together to celebrate Mother’s Day. At our College Mother’s Day Breakfast, Dr Maggie Galea spoke about her journey as a leader and her role as a mother to inspire her daughter to have success in our ever-changing world. Maggie was very realistic about her role as a leader and a mother, and she was very inspiring. Her daughter Brianna attended St Aloysius College and is now studying at university. It was great to see so many Year 9 students and their mothers attend the event.

In Nourish students participated in a House Assembly. During this assembly they focused on their House charities and discussed what they can do for Mercy Day to help give back to the community. Students were extremely engaged and enjoyed thinking about ways to help others.

I really encourage students to use the supervised study area at the College on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:30pm. This takes place in our Design Think and Innovate Space. It is a great way for students to have a quiet space to do their work.

Mary De Bono
Year 9 Leader