From Year 9

This fortnight has been busy for the Year 9 cohort. One of the highlights was listening to our guest speaker Sherry Balcombe during National Reconciliation Week. Sherry encouraged the students to use their voice, power, and actions to strengthen the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous peoples.

Emma Turner
Acting Year 9 Leader

This term has been full of fun classes and exciting activities. All of us have had the chance to start our new trimester subjects, and we find them to be very engaging and entertaining, helping us to expand our knowledge and creativity. We are all doing Textiles for our second Trimester. The most fun part of this project is the designing of three hoodies. We are allowed to make three designs in any theme that we choose to do. It’s great to have time to actually expand on our artistic skills. In Drama, we are working towards enhancing our skills relating to acting whilst also understanding the important history behind the theatres that we are introduced to. In VCD, we are currently working on our logo designs, which helps diversify our knowledge about VCD and our skills relating to VCD. In Food Technology we have been cooking foods from many different cultures such as spring rolls with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Overall, 9A is having a very fun and entertaining time in our elective classes.
Astha, Maisha and Tanecia (Year 9)