From Year 9

I cannot believe we are nearly at the end of Term 2! The Year 9 cohort continue to work hard, finalising assessments and seeking new learning opportunities. Students from 9B have provided a reflection below, detailing the events and activities explored throughout the week.

Emma Turner
Acting Year 9 Leader
Last week we had many exciting events. On Monday, Susan Mc Lean came to inform us about the risks and concerns of using digital platforms that most of us would use every day. This was very eye opening for many students as everyone was very surprised and interested with what she had to say. Following on Wednesday our Year 9 Italian class participated in a Italian poem competition where they competed against many other schools, all the students said they really enjoyed the program. Finally, we had another guest speaker on Friday, Tommy Nyawir who is the founder of the Mirror of Hope Foundation which helps to support children in Africa to receive a full education. This was a very powerful talk and made everyone feel more grateful for the great education that we all receive.
Poppy TH and Lila R (Year 9B)