From Year 9

Welcome back to Term 3!

With excitement and enthusiasm, the Year 9 students embark on another term of learning and growth. I encourage the students to embrace this term with open minds and resilience, working in partnership with their families and teachers. In the subject Coaching, the Year 9 cohort had the opportunity to reflect on their goals and learning, establishing new goals for Term 3. Reflection gives us an opportunity to assess the progress we have made and build on the path to success.

On Monday 17th July, the Year 8 and 9 students were fortunate to have Eric Agyeman deliver an inspirational presentation on Resilience and Grit. Eric was engaging and entertaining, captivating the students through relatable issues that the students may face in their lives. He shared his experiences during childhood and adolescence, motivating students to reflect on their behaviour, actions, and the power of their words. Emphasising the importance of kindness and respect, recognising that everyone is on their own journey. Eric inspired the students to re-evaluate their purpose in life, using positive affirmations to support self-identity, sense of belonging and self-esteem, improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Eric Words of Wisdom

“Seeds are words that celebrate people”
“Your weaknesses can become your strengths”
“The power of your words can make people feel appreciated”
“Failure is a part of life; failure does not define you”

Emma Turner, Acting Year 9 Leader

Reflections from students in 9A, 9B and 9C

On Monday, Year 8's and Year 9's had an incredible opportunity to meet Eric Agyeman to learn about resilience and grit. We were completely enraptured and captivated by his story and the way that Eric presented it. He was funny, engaging and he made sure that we were interaction with each other and with him. His story of heartache, pain and suffering instigated many relatable scenarios. Even though he went through all this, his ability to push past his experiences and change his future to be brighter and more positive is what inspired many of us. Overall, we had a very fun time listening to Eric Agyeman and his story really inspired all of us to be more resilient.
Astha B, 9A
Eric’s presentation on his story and the importance of resilience touched me on a very personal level. Most the experiences that he had relating to racism, I shared with him, and it was truly inspiring to see living proof that what people have said are not who you are. He warned us of the dangers of what we say and how one word or even sentence can break someone or built them. What Eric taught us is something that many adults wish they had been taught at our tender age and I think the year 8 & 9’s will be forever grateful for the wisdom he spoke into our lives.
Fadzai B, 9B
We had Eric Agyeman come and speak to us about the power of words and the importance of being respectful. He shared a lot of personal stories with us and helped us to understand the power we hold and the influence we have on people's identity and self-esteem. The talk was really engaging, and we all took a lot away from it.
Amelie E, 9C