From Year 9

This week, the new trimester subjects have just been released and we’ve already been able to experience the new subjects. We have been able to get a good understanding of the subjects in this trimester that we have just been introduced to.
9A also had an opportunity to present our assembly and the presentation that we made. It was amazing to see so many Year 9s participate and have fun in Riddles, Kahoot and Blooket. It was a great way for the year level to collaborate and enjoy pastoral.
In sports, we’re currently playing Volleyball. There’s also the CGSAV Volleyball tournament happening. ACS Cross Country has also been running. Japanese club, maths club, and art club have all been running this term. Maths club is a great opportunity for students to catch up on maths work or ask for help. In Japanese club, we have been making small figurines. For art club, we finished painting our galaxy paintings and will be starting a new activity soon!
Astha Bharadwaj and Mischa Fahey, 9A
Year 9 Food tech was entertaining and engaging, making the noodle box meant that we got to learn about different cultures. We could each pick a special dish that we could make, Tracey and I made glass noodles.
Sienna and Tracey, 9A