From Year 9

What an amazing couple of Weeks it has been with Mercy Day, Year 9 camps and Reflection Days.

Student participation has been excellent across the board. Camp has been so much fun with surfing and kayaking. Students enjoyed the challenge of both activities. For their reflection day they attended The Lume Exhibition where they experienced Indigenous art and spirituality including a smoking ceremony. Below are some of their reflections.

Mary De Bono
Year 9 Leader

On Tuesday 12th September students from Year 9 participated in The Year 9 Reflection day at The Lume. The experience was enlightening, as it was a new experience that many of us had never seen before. As we walked through the exhibition saw many different forms of art that captured the indigenous culture. I enjoyed the music as I could hear and feel the emotion and heart in the songs. It was a beautiful learning experience about the indigenous culture and their history through art work.
Adelle Milazzi 9C
On this joyous day with the sun shining, Group B camp group arrived to the camp site in Torquay. We explored the town for lunch and students surfed although the waves were limited. We are really enjoying the beautiful weather, the nature and having fun with all our classmates we are thankful for the surfing instructors for guiding the group. We are also thankful to our teachers. It has been a great way to end the term.
Loaner Geng 9B