From Year 9

It is already Week Two of Term 4. The September holidays seem so long ago and yet we the Christmas break is just around the corner. In our Coaching lesson we had a wonderful session on Stress Management and preparation for the upcoming Examinations. Students were extremely receptive to this session. We looked at exams being a way of showing the knowledge you have learned throughout the year and a positive challenge. We also looked a good study technique.

In Nourish, 9C ran their assembly based on community engagement. Firstly, they spoke about social justice and Code Green activities around the school that everyone can get involved in. They had activities to guess different cultural flags from around the world and a Guess the Baby Photo of 9C students as a Kahoot. They ended the session by going outside and have a sporting game competition. It certainly was a fun way for students to engage the whole Year Level and was a great team building session. Well done to 9C on such as engaging assembly.

Here is a reflection from Mary Mangar 9C about her experience of running a Year Level Assembly.

This week 9C had the opportunity to host a year-level assembly, which was a fun and engaging experience for the whole year level. Our assembly included a list of charitable things happening within our cohort, Kahoot quizzes, and outdoor games. We gave out prizes to the winners of the games, which made everyone even more eager to play. Overall, it was a great experience, to show our organisational skills, and to help our year level come together and have fun as a cohort.

This week in Humanities, 9A viewed the film Gallipoli directed by Peter Weir as part of their study on World War One. As a post-work thinking routine students were asked to contribute their thoughts to the following questions.

  • Why do young men sign up to go to war?
  • Why did Major Barton send his soldiers on what was clearly a 'suicide’ mission?
  • What has changed about war?
  • What has stayed the same in people's minds regarding war?

This is a very fitting topic given the global world and the wars between Ukraine and Russia, and Israel and the Gaza strip. We pray for peace in our world and an end to all war.

For Mercy RITES, many students presented their evaluations on their community service projects. The groups that presented included:

  • Making treats for the Lost Dogs Home and visiting the centre to deliver the treats,
  • Guess the lollies in the jar to encourage Year 9 Team Building,
  • Hot Chocolate Sale with a difference,
  • Creating literacy awareness through a book donation/book swap project, and
  • Coaching Year 7 Netball and leading them into the grand final.

There are a few more groups still to complete their projects, however, all students have really enjoyed the experience of being able to organise something to create awareness or help the community based on their personal interests and passions.

Congratulations to the 15 students in Year 9 that participated in the Intermediate Table Tennis Competition on Wednesday 11th October at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). They made it to the semi finals and overall came third place in the intermediate competition. It was a great day and students enjoyed putting their skills in practice.

It has been a busy but wonderful start to Term 4. I am sure the remainder of the term will continue this way.

Mary De Bono
Year 9 Leader