Reflections on a fabulous year

From Year 9

It gives me great pleasure to thank the Year 9 students of 2023 for the outstanding year that they have had. It was an absolute pleasure working with the Year 9 students this year. Their dedication to all that they do is shown through their academic performance and achievements.

I would like to congratulate all award recipients of the 2023 Academic School Year, thank the students that performed on the evening and thank all the students and families that attended. The night was a wonderful success of the college achievements for the year. I am always reminded of how proud I am to be part of the St Aloysius Community on these events.

The Mercy RITES Program was a huge success this year with students delivering a range of programs across the community and making many connections. Projects ranged from primary school visits, book collections and donations, hot chocolate sales with historical facts, junior sports training, assistance with the Christmas Hamper Collection, a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance, making and delivering treats for the Lost Dogs' Home and so much more. I am so proud of all the students for their interests, ideas, and participation.

I would like to note Year 9 Camp and the Reflection Day. Students made the camp experience enjoyable, and it was fabulous to see them step out of their comfort zone. The reflection day was also a great success where they students enjoyed the experience of indiginious artwork and cultural learnings through this spiritual art experience.

The final Year 9 Celebration Day was celebrated on Thursday 16th November. This day was extremely special. Students had an induction session on the Buddy Program for Year 10s and the new year 7 students. They completed PAT testing and participated in a liturgy and final assembly. Students received quirky awards from their classmates, and it was a real testimony to see the strong connections that were made in Year 9 and the Pastoral Groups.

Thank you to all the parents and students for the 2023 school year. Your support and dedication is always greatly appreciated. I wish the very best for all students in the Step Ahead program and the remainder of the years at the college.

I leave you with a few words from a representative of each Year 9 2023 Pastoral Group.

Mary De Bono
Year 9 Leader

9A had many joyful and fun times in 2023. We all enjoyed sharing classes together and forming friendships among each other. Throughout the year we shared many laughs and got to learn more about each other. We had many tests that we prepared for in class with each other as well as studied at home. We always made sure we had all studied or completed the homework. 9A always gave a hand to one another and supported each other throughout the year. We're all going to miss each other but we look forward to year 10 and beyond.
Mischa, 9A 2023
Throughout Year 9, our pastoral class, 9B had many fun and memorable moments. We all quickly bonded with each other and were able to laugh and learn. Our class went through ups and downs, and we all supported one another through tough times such as exams or when lots of assessments were due all at once. On the flipside, we were there for all the good times like camp and other excursions. Together we made lasting memories and I feel 9B was a great team. An especially notable day was the Celebration Day last week, as the last day of Year 9, we worked together to make Christmas cards to give to the nursing home and had a fun student-led assembly and celebration liturgy.
Summer, 9B 2023
Being in 9C was eventful, and there was never a dull moment in our class. I learnt a lot about the people in my year level and had the opportunity to gain a better friendship with the people in my pastoral group. Celebration Day on the 16th November was full of fun and excitement, as we spent our day enjoying each other's company as Year 9 students for the last time. There were many happy smiles and laughs as well as a lot of hugs and congratulations. We finished it off with a Year level Liturgy and final assembly, being the last time we'd ever gather together as Year 9 students and as our respective classes. We had an award presentation and the Class Co-captains presented a quirky award to each person it their class. Nicola, Amelie and Izzy put together a wonderful video highlighting our favourite events from throughout the year, and saying goodbye to the students leaving us, and with that, we all embark on our Year 10 adventure.
Polly Jean, 9C 2023