Debating, IWD and NAPLAN

From Year 9


This fortnight has provided Year 9 students with the opportunity to explore ideas around the banning of contact sports in an the Debaters' Association of Victoria's interschool debating competition. Congratulations to Elena J who was awarded Best Speaker. In an impressive display, St Aloysius College (D grade) won all three debates, you can read more about the success of the St Aloysius teams here.

Debating brought us all closer, uniting us with the St Aloysius spirit and driving us towards victory. We put in weeks of hard work and dedication to our team and our sport, learning some important lessons along the way about teamwork and Mercy values. It wasn't just about the win but it was about supporting each other, understanding different perspectives, and respecting our opponents. Through the ups and downs of debate, we grew together. We learned to speak up confidently, to listen actively, and to connect with our audience in a meaningful way. And as we celebrated our wins, we did it not just as individuals but as a tight knit team, bonded by our shared experiences and the lessons we learned together on the debating stage.
Chanelle, Dylan, Millie and Jocelyn

International Women’s Day

On International Women's day, the College welcomed back Councillor Eden Foster as the guest speaker at our Assembly. She had previously worked at the College as a Psychologist, and now is the MP for Mulgrave. Councillor Foster discussed her experience as a coloured woman in politics, and the inspiration her mother provided her as she grew up, working 8-4, leaving her daughter with childcare workers against her will. She explained her journey into politics and answered many questions from eager students such as what it was like being a coloured woman in Parliament. She inspired many students to follow in her footsteps, and we were very thankful for her being there.
As a former all-girl’s College, International Women’s day was celebrated with much pride, compassion, and reflection of the women who shaped our society, moulded our school, and individually touched the lives of many. Purple bows lit up the school on blazers, and in hair, symbolizing justice, dignity, and being loyal to the cause. In the spirit of looking back on women who made a difference, the Year 12 prefects and helpers provided purple paper slips for us to write on and list women whom we love and appreciate. From mothers, sisters, grandmothers and celebrities; everyone was given the opportunity to reflect upon and value the women in their lives. These were then displayed around the School.


This week the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy) tests were undertaken at the College. The Year 9s engaged well to complete the tests. Feedback will be provided to families in due course about their child’s progress. Whilst this is a great diagnostic tool that is used to assess your child’s literacy and numeracy growth, your child can gain great awareness from direct teacher feedback and their school-based assessments. Learning Conferences held next week, are a great place to continue the conversation around academic growth. More information can be found at E:

Louise Prentice
Year 9 Leader