From Year 9

These past two weeks have been amazing! What a wonderful way to finish the term with the three camps and Mercy Day.

I would like to congratulate all the Year 9 students on their participation in Mercy Day. The Year 9 students were allocated Guessing Games as their fundraiser theme. 9A had guess the Movie with a Kahoot, 9B had guess the baby photo of the teacher and 9C had Guess the song also with a Kahoot. All three classes organised these activities extremely well and also had the opportunity to have fun walking around the different stalls. We also had several Mercy RITES students run their projects for the community activity. It was a wonderful day of service and hospitality displayed by all.
All three camps were excellent. Students were on their best behaviour and enjoyed the activities of surfing, a day hike and kayaking. I was so proud that students gave the activities a go and participated to the best of their abilities. While cold at night, we had good weather with during the day with no rain on any of the three camps. I am sure the students are ready for a rest these holidays. I have included some student comments on camp.

Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing everyone refreshed for Term 4.

Mary De Bono, Year 9 Leader

On Monday, 9A left for the St Aloysius Torquay campus to attend a 3 day camp. The class enjoyed activities such as surfing, kayaking and hiking a coastal trail to Bells Beach. We were able to view the National Surf Museum and leant a lot about record-holding surfers and surf culture. We also learnt about how we can better protect the environment through an episode of War On Waste and watched The Lorax. We learnt many life skills such as teamwork and resilience and everyone really enjoyed the time we spent there.
Elvie Wake 9A
At camp I had a really fun time surfing and helping other people around me surf. The walk we went on was tiring, but I liked the view along the beach we had along the way. The surf museum was interesting and the kayaking the next day was fun. I liked the time we spent with my friends, and the activities we could choose. It was good to rewatch the Lorax movie and learn more about the environment.
Adelaide Nelson 9A