Louise Prentice

From Year 9

The last couple of weeks of Term One were action-packed and filled with online collaborative Learning Conferences and fundraising events during Holy Week. Of utmost importance was Harmony Week, which was reflected upon in House Meetings. Our Year 9s discussed the idea of peace amongst the chaos of a conflicted world. Harmony Week is the celebration that recognizes our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds. Orange ribbons were sold in support for a gold coin donation. This 'pause' and reflection were particularly important for our students given the topical world events and images that infiltrate our lives on social media.

I hope you all had a safe and restful holiday break and feel recharged and rested.

Louise Prentice
Year 9 Leader

French News

The Year 9 French class solved an escape room-style activity during the week. They had to work in teams to solve clues and puzzles to find and retrieve which painting had been stolen from Musée d'Orsay.

Over Friday and Tuesday, Melbourne University came to visit our school and set up a French escape room. This was both interactive and employed our French knowledge. We were in groups or partners, and we had to solve multiple French puzzles in a suitcase. This then gave us a key which was later needed. We were taken to a van, that we used French, to unlock a code and safe. We had to solve one last puzzle to help unlock the safe, with our keys. This was so much fun, and I think everyone enjoyed it. I loved how interactive it was and our we had to use our French knowledge.
We all had a great time partaking in 'The Heist'; it was an engaging and hands-on incursion that required us to use our French speaking skills and apply them to solving the mystery. Our skills were put to the test when we were faced with a challenge of solving a puzzle in a van that was set to self-destruct (although fake, felt very real!) by following a set of clues. It was a great and immersive experience, and we enjoyed every minute of this collaborative incursion. Merci.
Lilian, Josephine, Madeline, and Addison
The escape room activity we did today was very fun, with lots of hard challenges and obstacles that required lots of thinking, which helped our group develop our collaboration and communication skills. The puzzles were very creative, and the organizers were so helpful and welcoming, making the experience so much more enjoyable!
Over the past weeks (of Term One), we have done many exciting things. Harmony Week was an opportunity to dive deeper into the importance of world peace. During Holy Week, our School ran initiatives to raise money for Caritas. Our class ran a second-hand clothing flip, raising $126.50 to support people in need. We also had our Learning Conferences, receiving mostly positive feedback from our teachers and set goals towards progress for Term 2.
9B students.