Louise Prentice

From Year 9

Strength Stories

ANZAC Day is the National Day of Commemoration of Australia and New Zealand for victims of war and for recognition of the role of their armed forces. Inspired by the ANZAC legacy, Australians have come to be regarded as a people who, in adverse situations, display the qualities of good humor, ‘mateship’, courage, endurance, and ingenuity. Considering this, Year 9 students will be given an opportunity to write and share their own personal Strength Story in our Nourish session on May 6th. This ties in well with the Developing Resilience theme and is a celebration of students’ personal strengths. Before the session, families are encouraged to relive and identify their child’s core strengths and how these were displayed at a particular moment. Stories (with photos) that highlight bravery, good humor, courage, or ‘mateship’ can then be retold and shared with peers in next week’s Nourish session.

High School Musical

“This year, St Aloysius is thrilled to present the annual College production of High School Musical. This is a musical experience that has been reimagined from iconic Disney movies and focuses on the celebration of individuality and acceptance of yourself and all peers. As the months have passed, we've witnessed our peers evolve their characters, and our production has truly come to life. We have come together with the magic of music, dance, and storytelling. It's been an amazing journey of self-expression and embracing the uniqueness of each character! We cannot wait to show you High School Musical in June.”
Dylan and Olivia

Tickets for High School Musical are available here.

Untangling Teens From Technology

An online parent forum was held in the first week, and it proved very popular. The presentation was led by psychologist Jocelyn Brewer, who workshopped practical strategies to assist teenagers in making healthy choices surrounding their digital diet. Sleep hygiene and ideas around online safety were discussed. These are areas that are further unpacked in the Term 4 Nourish program. In particular, the innovative Sleep Ninja app by Black Dog can assist with carving out time for much-needed rest and recharge. Those who would like to know more about the suggested digital tools to support their child’s health can browse the useful resources listed below. The Healthy Mind Platter is a wonderful reminder to have a balance between screen time and other activities.

From Camp

The Education team at the Australian War Memorial (Canberra) wishes to thank your students who visited on 7/2/24 for their respectful behaviour, thoughtful observations, and participation in their Education program.

Debating News

Round Two of the Debaters Association of Victoria Online Competition was held on day one of term two, meaning speeches had to be prepared over the holiday break.

At D Grade (Year 9) St Aloysius won two out of three debates on the topic, That Victoria should cancel the Suburban Rail Loop. Congratulations to Chanelle Youhana who was awarded best speaker.

  • St Aloysius College 1 defeated by Port Melbourne Secondary College 1
  • St Aloysius College 2 defeated Salesian College Sunbury 3
  • St Aloysius 3 defeated Salesian College Sunbury 2
Debating truly embodies and teaches us the essence of teamwork and our team continues to show this in our spirit during round 2 as we were affirmative for the topic of Victoria Should Cancel the Suburban Rail Loop. Despite being on holidays, we actively prepared our debate by gathering over Zoom, stating, and modifying our arguments daily. Our dedication paid off when we won against Salesian College!
Joceyln, Channelle, Millie and Dylan.

Louise Prentice
Year 9 Level Leader