Wellbeing and Collaborative Learning

From Year 9

Year 9 students have commenced their second trimester this week, learning new subjects and continuing to thrive in their routines. As the term proceeds quickly, there are many assessments and challenges students may experience. Wellbeing plays a very important role in maintaining good physical and mental health, which has a significant contribution to their academic learning. The focus for this term is to help our students navigate and maintain good wellbeing so they are equipped and prepared for the challenges they may face in life.

This week, I had the pleasure of witnessing Year 9 students in class tutoring each other and supporting one another in their learning. This is one of the examples of the effectiveness of collaborative learning that happens in classrooms, which promotes a constructive and safe learning environment. These students are to be commended for their initiative, perseverance, and determination in learning and facing challenges. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful cohort. It is crucial to build a meaningful and positive relationship with the students where they feel supported in achieving their goals.

January Ma
Year 9 and 10 Leader

Last week we started our trimester 2 electives. Those electives are Music, Drama, Textiles, Food Technology, Design Technology, STEAM and Art. We have talked to many of our peers about starting the trimester and they have all been really enjoying our electives. It has been exciting to meet our new teachers and learn about our new subjects for the trimester to come. We are keen to continue our trimester subjects.
Ruby and Audrey 9A
In Year 9 we have recently moved into the new trimester of electives. In Food Technology we are exploring foods around the world and are currently focusing on Australian foods. We recently made kangaroo meatballs with native bush herb damper and some Aussie meat pies... yum! We move onto Italian cuisines next week and are looking forward to eating our way through multiple cuisines!
Maple H 9B
The theme for Food Technology this year is Around the World. We are visiting different countries and learning about the foods cooked there and the nature of the dishes. I'm enjoying learning about different cultures through food and cooking them ourselves.
Lola P 9C