Ad Altiora Award

From Year 9

The last two weeks have been a busy time for Year 9 students as they focus on preparing and continuing with their study routines. They continue to show positivity and perseverance in doing their best and supporting their peers. The Ad Altiora Award has been introduced to acknowledge students who have displayed Mercy Values and bring a positive culture to their peers and school life on a daily basis. Congratulations to Erika Binuya, Dylan Lawson-Acar, Isabel Svircic, and Josephine Wake for receiving the award in this cycle.

While students are busy preparing for assessments, I encourage them to always look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

January Ma
Year 9 Leader

In English we have begun studying our new unit on the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The book is an allegorical piece retelling the events of the Russian Revolution. As seen in the image above, our English classes have created posters contrasting the allegorical character, Napoleon, to their real life counterpart, Joseph Stalin.
Lilian K, Lenora D, Zoe M, and Madeline H, 9A
Over the past week, the year 9 cohort have started a new tradition of rewarding awards across the year level. These awards are given to students who model the Mercy values, and are kind with the peers bringing a positive culture to their surroundings! Congratulations to those who received an award this cycle, Josephine Wake, Isabel Svircic, Dylan Lawson-Acar and Erika Binuya.
Jocelyn W, 9B