Celebrating Student Success

From Year 9

Year 9 students commenced the process of subject selection last week. In Nourish last week, Ms Daunt spoke to all Year 9 students about the process of Year 10 2025 subject selection, and a parent forum was run to assist parents to raise any questions related to subject selection. It has been a very busy week for our Year 9 students with lots of learning, completing assessments, quizzes, and tests along the way.

Congratulations to all Year 9 French students who have partaken in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette poetry competition. Students have done a fantastic job and made incredible achievements. A special mention to the following students who were the finalists in the competition: Madeline Higgins, Isabella Svircic, and Josephine Wake.

The Ad Altiora Award is introduced to acknowledge students who have displayed Mercy Values and bring a positive culture to their peers and school life on a daily basis. Congratulations to Erika Binuya, Dylan Lawson-Acar, Isabel Svircic, and Josephine Wake for receiving the award in this cycle.

As we reach the mid-point of term two, 9A is beginning to find routine and joy in some of their pastoral activities. A shared routine of reading the notices and taking part in our daily prayer has allowed students to feel a shared sense of responsibility. Once the admin is all over, the fun begins, with activities throughout the week being New York Times word games, trivia, Well-being Wednesdays, and Fun Fridays.

I look forward to continuing to foster a sense of leadership in pastoral, but also allowing pastoral to be a safe, comfortable space where many of the students can relax amidst the busyness of their classes.

Mr Dylan Peters
9A Pastoral Leader

Italian students, spanning from Year 9 to 12, embarked on a captivating excursion to Melbourne University to participate in the Dante Alighieri competition. We competed against 1,700 people in a poem competition, performing and memorising a selection of beautiful poems. Following the competition, we ventured to Lygon Street, which was an amazing experience to immerse ourselves in the Italian heritage, delving deeper into the rich heritage of Italian culture through its diverse and delicious cuisine. The day was filled with laughter, learning, and a shared appreciation for the Italian language and traditions, which made it an unforgettable experience.
Dylan L.A. 9B
So far in Art, we have learned new functions and techniques in Photoshop. The past few lessons helped ease us into Photoshop; now we are beginning on our assessment task.
Keona O 9C
In the past few lessons, drama has been spent learning about non-naturalistic theatre. So far, at the beginning of the trimester, we have completed two group performances, then watched videos of others and began implementing those non-naturalistic methods into our own performances.
Alisa W 9C