January Ma

From Year 9

The last two weeks of Term 2 have definitely been the busiest, yet most rewarding, time of the year for our Year 9 students. From excursions, language and sports competitions to the College Production and St Aloysius Day, students have strived to achieve all the small milestones along their journeys. Congratulations to all students for all that they have achieved this term.

January Ma
Year 9 Leader

Currently, in textiles, we are starting to sew our hoodies. All students were able to design a hoodie that was completely their own, with all the designs you could see everyone's personality. Not only are we sewing but we also make our portfolio with mood boards and design briefs.
Zoe M, 9C
In trimester 2, during our music classes, we learned about the different diverse music cultures from around the world. We have learned about the unique cultural influences and styles of music from different countries, also focusing on Aboriginal music in Australia. We were able to choose one of the traditional music cultures of a country and perform a related song. And, we are now starting a new project where we get to perform a music piece with an instrument we have played before or we are able to learn a new instrument.
Mischa V, 9C
The past week has been very eventful, and the break on Tuesday was a great way for everyone to prepare for assessments and relax. After our tests were out of the way, we could focus on St Aloysius Day. Everyone was eager to dress up as something starting with the first letter of their name, and show off their costumes. It was a great day for us to celebrate, beginning with the mass and then getting into the activities. A crowd favourite was the Just Dance, as well as the photo booth. The churros, sausages and slushies were delicious and overall everyone seemed to enjoy having a fun day with friends!
Gemma L, 9B