From Year 9

A very big welcome back to Year 9 students and parents. Term three ended on such a high with all three Year 9 groups attending camps with their classes. Coming back to Term 4, I have seen how this experience has helped students bond with each other and it is lovely to see different students interacting with each other and new friendship groups forming. It is my pleasure to welcome two new students to the Year Level, Hannah Kennedy who joined the college in the last few weeks of Term 3 and Rachel Kau who has joined us at the start of this term. Both students are in 9B and expressed gratitude for being at the College.

As Year 9 slowly draws to a close, most students have now completed their Mercy RITES projects and are at the stage of writing their evaluations. These evaluations will be presented to their class during their next Mercy RITES lesson. A big congratulations to all students on their interest projects and ideas. The collaboration and community involvement has been very rewarding for students.

Congratulations of all classes for running their own Assembly. 9C was the last class to run their Assembly on Thursday 6th October. All assemblies were thoughtful, engaging, and informative. Working on these assemblies has a been a great way for students to collaborate and share ideas and skills.

I look forward to the term ahead.

Mary De Bono, Year 9 Leader