Italy & Japan

International Tours

As we anticipate next week's return of our students from their enlightening adventures through Italy and Japan, we have been fortunate to receive a peek into the myriad experiences they have encountered during their adventures. From cultural immersion to historical explorations, culinary delights to architectural wonders, our students and staff have embarked on a voyage of discovery!


Led by Rita Stangherlin, Siobhan Bloomfield, and Antoinette Martelli, our students traversed the picturesque landscapes of Italy, soaking in the rich history, artistry, and flavours of this captivating country.

Their adventure began in Milan, where they were warmly welcomed by our sister school, Educandato Statale Emanuel’s Setti Carrara dalla Chiesa. Immersed in the local education, culture, and cuisine, our students formed lasting bonds with their host families, fostering connections that transcended language barriers. This experience not only enriched their language skills but also deepened their appreciation of Italian history and culture.

In Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, our students marvelled at iconic landmarks such as the Galleria dell’Academia, home to Michelangelo's masterpiece, the David. Their exploration extended to Assisi, where they delved into the spiritual heritage of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the churches.

Venice, with its labyrinthine streets and romantic bridges, cast a spell on our travelers as they wandered through Doge’s Palace and savoured the artistic treasures of the city. The majestic Colosseum and ancient Roman Forum in Rome echoed with the whispers of bygone eras, while the Vatican City provided a spiritual sanctuary amidst the bustling cityscape.

Through each cobblestone alley and grand piazza, our students absorbed the essence of Italy, from its vibrant markets to its gelaterias, each facet weaving together to create an unforgettable mosaic of experiences.


Accompanied by Michael Chesser, Grace Fethers, and Arina Mizuno, our students embarked on a cultural odyssey through the Land of the Rising Sun, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern innovation.

In Kyoto, our students were warmly embraced by the Seibo Jogakuin community, where they donned traditional yukatas and immersed themselves in the art of calligraphy and dance. From the tranquil serenity of Nijō Castle to the bustling energy of Osaka's Daimaru center, Japan unfolded its myriad wonders before their eyes.

A visit to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Hiroshima offered a poignant reminder of Japan's resilience and spirit, while Tokyo dazzled with its vibrant energy, from the serene Meiji Shrine to the whimsical delights of Tokyo Disneyland.

As our students return, we look forward to hearing about the new perspectives they gained, learning of their exciting stories and anticipating next year's trips! These tours have not only broadened their horizons but also deepened their appreciation for the diverse array of cultures that unite us as global citizens.