Spotlight On

Language Clubs

Japanese Club

Japanese Club has continued to attract students of all year levels who want to learn more about Japanese language and culture. Club members have engaged in a variety of activities such as sculpting miniature food samples using polymer clay, designing shrink plastic charms of iconic Japanese characters and racing down Rainbow Road in competitive Mario Kart races. There have also been opportunities to learn how to fold origami ninja stars and design uchiwa fans. A treat that club members look forward to each session is the chance to win a prize from the lucky dip box!

Arina Mizuno
Languages Leader

I decided to join Japanese club because I genuinely had an interest in Japan as a country, even though I didn’t really know the language. It did not disappoint! When I meet up with my friends to go to the club, we are met with a fun and welcoming space, where we spend our time playing Kahoots, making origami, and even playing Mario Kart! These activities have been really fun and have enabled me to learn more about the Japanese culture, language, and people.
Tilly Creanor, 7E

Italian Club

The Viva Italia club has become a highly popular lunchtime affair, occurring every Day 10. The club offers a diverse range of activities. Among these, students have engaged in various traditional Italian games such as Tombola (akin to Bingo), Bocce (the Italian version of bowls), and Scopa (one of Italy's primary national card games), and more. Students have also partaken in karaoke sessions featuring both classic and contemporary Italian hits. Interactive sessions of Kahoots have been played, enriching their knowledge about Italian geography, cities, landmarks, and more. The club's attendance is consistently on the rise, and the array of food tastings is ever varied. Furthermore, there are plans to delve into an Italian TV series soon.

Rita Stangherlin
Year 8 Leader

The Italian Club offers an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Guided by Ms Stangherlin, we engage in Italian practice sessions through a blend of games, entertainment (including occasional movies and, more commonly, music), and culinary delights. Our gatherings feature an assortment of Italian treats, including biscuits, breadsticks, Italian coffee, cakes, and lollies. Italian club is a welcoming and fun space where we learn more about Italy's culture and it is a co-curricular activity we look forward to every fortnight. We recommend coming to Italian club because of the delectable culinary offerings provided by Ms Stangherlin but also for the wealth of novel insights into Italian culture and the country itself that we gain.
Tanecia, Maisha, and Astha

French Club

This term in French club students have been making craft Tour Eiffel following a Youtube tutorial. Learn more about French across the year here.

The people in the room were really helpful, helping me to a seat and passing me some paper. The video we played went nice and slowly, explaining very carefully all the measurements and the folds, and at the end we had a beautiful Eiffel tower origami, a really nice treasure I keep in my locker. I would love to do more actiities with these nice people again if I get the chance.
Dulcie Beaumont 7F