Mercy Day 2022

In our 135th year, our celebration of Mercy Day this year was not only about remembering Catherine McAuley but also continuing the work she did in supporting the deprived and helpless in the community.

Beginning by being assembled in the hall, students, staff and guests were prepared for a rememberable day. Julia Ater, alumna from the class of 2019 shared with us what the Mercy Education Values mean to her and how she is living them out. This was then followed with Mass celebrated by Bishop Terry Curtin, which allowed all an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord, remembering The Sisters of Mercy and their legacy.

Following the Mass, students and staff shared in various activities and fun-raising initiatives in supporting the community as well as later in the afternoon staff gathering for an auction of various donated items to also aid in the contributions.

Michael Chesser

Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos