Code Green

National EarthCare Summit

Last Tuesday, 31st May, students from our Sustainability Club, Code Green, participated in the National EarthCare Summit. This was a day-long conference, with different workshops held by different presenters throughout the day.

“This summit gave us the opportunity to learn as a group but also to learn from other students who are trying to make a change in their school community. I think we all learnt lots from the ideas that other students raised when we were given the chance to speak to one another. Today was a very informative day but it was also very inspirational as many different people spoke with different opinions and ideas that could make great change.”
Ruby Thomas
“Each session challenged our thinking in new and exciting ways, making us realize that there is a long way to go. However, having been able to share our ideas and hear from other students inspired us to think of big changes for our school. We are thrilled to work towards a more sustainable future through this amazing program.”
Sylvie Ottinger
“Our code green group took time to plan our call to action within the school community. We brainstormed different solutions to improving our school environment and making St Aloysius a more sustainable place for all. Our team has come up with several different fundraisers and events that raise awareness and money for our climate goals.”
Lila Casey & Tracey Luu
“Sr Jan Barret took time to talk to us about the environment and social justice, she said many inspirational words motivating us to take our call to action. Sr Jan wanted us to really know that we need to take the stand and not be scared to say what we know is right. She also wanted us to know that we matter and everything little thing we do will make a difference.”
Mary-Grace Fitzgerald
“The B&B Highway task was very educational and informative on different types of bees and pollinators that help us in our day to day lives. This showed us that pollinators have a very strong impact on our fruit, vegetables and dairy products.”
Akur Mangar