From Year 10

Year 10 have returned refreshed from the two week break and have embraced the new opportunity to wear either the summer or winter uniform.

It has been wonderful to see Year 10 actively involved in the St Aloysius community this year – participating in sports such as cricket, tennis, swimming, futsal, house quizzes and this year’s musical Aladdin Junior. I encourage the girls to keep up this wonderful community spirit and share their skills and talents whenever and wherever they can.

The highlight of the week has been the Big Sister/ Little Sister picnic. In 2022, Year 7 students were matched with a Year 10 “Big Sister” based on their House Group. With the Athletics Carnival occurring this week, this presented a perfect opportunity for “Big and Little sisters” to reconnect. They shared lunch in the Central Courtyard with the addition of some music for atmosphere. It was wonderful to see Year 10 students demonstrating the Mercy values of Hospitality and Community. Year 7 students had the opportunity to ask any questions about the Athletics carnival and they will have a friendly face cheering them on at the carnival. Congratulations to Year 10 students for your wonderful care of the Year 7 students.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Level Leader