From Year 8

Welcome back to Term 2! The Year 8 are certainly feeling rested and excited to be back at school as friendships are more established and so too are their daily school routines.

Term 2 is filled with lots of new learning, below are some subject summaries.

Year 8 are so excited to be back in the kitchen after the break! Last term they learnt the basics such as Food Safety, so they could safety use the stove, oven and knives. They made a lot of foods ideal for a snack. This term it’s time to show off these new skills, so the students will be making a lot more savoury dishes that could be a great lunch or dinner meal such as zucchini beef burgers, sushi, roast vegetable pizza and fried rice. The students made Anzac biscuits first cooking less back in commemoration and remembrance of the ANZACS.

Ms Chauncy

In Year 8 textiles, we have been continuing to build our hand and machine sewing skills and we have also been studying the care of cotton products. Last term we planned and designed tote bags and began production. Some students have already completed these.

This term, we are continuing production and created swing tags to match the tote bags. Our swing tags include the care instructions for 100% cotton and a logo for our designed brand. We look forward to working on a basket weaving project towards the end of term.

Jacqui Puccio & Mary-Grace Fitzgerald