Bringing the Real World into the Classroom


The Humanities is the study of the world around us. We do not have to look very far to observe the impact of the environment. The Queensland and New South Wales floods have been devastating. Countless homes destroyed and lives lost. This term our Year 7 students have been investigating water in the world and the role it plays in people’s lives. They explored how water is a resource and how it is used to connect people. Students also assessed data in relation to Australia’s rainfall. Studying this topic, currently, helps provide a context for the students to be able to approach the current weather situation on the Eastern coast of Australia.

Making sense of the world is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. Why did Russia invade Ukraine? While this answer is being debated in the media our Year 10 students have been exploring the causes of the second world war. The Treaty of Versailles is one of the key moments of history that the students unpack. Repatriations, national identity, and vengeance of individuals are all taken into consideration when exploring the impacts of the Treaty. Understanding that the actions of a few can lead countries to war has never been more relevant.

Last term we have had representatives from the Country Court of Victoria present to our Year 11 Legal Studies students. Sitting Judges along with their Associates joined class via Zoom to discuss a range of issues. These included how the court operates as well as an example of a case. Students then had the opportunity to ask several questions of the Judge. This is yet another example of how the humanities connects its curriculum to the outside world.

It is the responsibility of the Humanities team to ensure our programs connect to current events and to tangible experiences and the adventures in store for Term 2 will continue to do just that!