From Year 10

We know that we are approaching the middle of the year when the daylight hours get shorter, and the weather gets cooler. And boy has it got colder this week!

The cooler weather also means that the midyear examinations are close, and understandably many students may begin to feel a little anxious. Students are reminded that feeling anxious about exams is a completely normal response. Feeling anxious is a physiological response of your body in preparation for the unknown. The best thing students can do to reduce that anxiety is to ensure that they have completed the following things:

  • Start your revision early
  • Listen to the advice of teachers regarding methods of revision
  • Complete all revision activities provided by teachers.
  • Use revision time provided in class effectively.
  • Ask their teacher for assistance (in person or via direct or TEAMS)
  • Attend any lunchtime or after school sessions provided by teachers
  • Create a study planner
  • Ensure that you get enough sleep. Your brain will not function at its best if you are tired.

In Future Me and Success Advisor Sessions, students have started to explore the VTAC site to investigate what courses or training are recommended for their career or job. It is hoped that investigating the range of courses available and any prerequisite subjects will assist students with Year 11 subject selections that will occur soon.

Andrea Barr, Year 10 Level Leader