Siobhan Bloomfield

Term Two in Review

We must strive to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well
Catherine McAuley   |   

As we reach the end of our first semester, we are reminded to take a moment to pause and reflect on all our achievements. This semester marked several milestones for our students. Year 7 students have completed their first semester in high school and have explored a range of new subject to ignite new passions. Year 8 students have completed their first uninterrupted semester of on campus learning and now consider remote learning a distant memory. Year 9 students have been immersed in the Mercy RITES program with a focus on living out the Mercy values and continue to build on the legacy of Catherine McAuley. Year 10 students have been actively exploring their future career pathways through their Future Me classes and Success Advisor Sessions as they prepare to select their pathway and subjects for Year 11. Year 11 students welcomed and embraced the new challenges that their senior pathway may have brought and have adapted and developed skills that will support them through the remaining semester as they prepare for Year 12. Year 12 students have completed a range of assessments as they step closer to their final VCE examinations or VCAL assessments. With only 1 full term left of classes we are proud of each of their efforts and wish them all the best for their remaining assessments. We are exceptionally proud of all the students who have engaged so positively in their academic endeavours approaching their learning with creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm. The College also celebrated several milestones including welcoming our Year 7 2023 families to our community, launching our 2023 College uniform and celebrating our 135th anniversary on St Aloysius Day. Each of these events were supported by our student leaders who demonstrated their commitment to their roles as they engaged so positively with their peers and the wider school community

During the upcoming holidays our students are reminded to use this time productively. Connect with family, friends and take some time to relax and reenergise ready for Term 3. Student are encouraged to be organised in their approach to all pre and post work completion to ensure they are prepared and transition smoothly into their Term 3 classes. Our Year 12 students are encouraged to embrace the opportunities that have been made available to them in the form of Holiday Classes and to actively commit to attending. These classes provide another opportunity to consolidate their skills and knowledge as they prepare for their upcoming VCE examinations.

I would like to wish all our students, families, and wider community a safe holiday break.

Siobhan Bloomfield, Director of Student Wellbeing & Programs