From the Principal

On Tuesday 21 June we will celebrate our annual St Aloysius Day. This celebration will commence with an address from Sr Sylvia, Chair of Mercy Education, and then the launch of our new College uniform for the Class of 2023.

This year we also celebrate our 135th anniversary.

135 years ago, there was a vision to create the very best school experience possible in the new suburbs of north Melbourne. Since that vision, countless Sisters of Mercy, staff, students, families have added action to that vision, and today we celebrate that work, and the success of that vision. So, Happy St Aloysius Day!

Also, congratulations to all staff, College prefects and all students for their input and the good spirit they have contributed in anticipation of this very special day.

On Wednesday 8 June we launched the new learning program and uniform to the Year 7 group – 2023. This special occasion was supported by all the parents and carers who attended in great numbers, and I can only say, what a night of celebrating the commencement of our co-education journey which starts in 2023.

Every year on June 29, Rome celebrates its Patron Saints Peter and Paul with various religious rituals led by the Pope. St Peter was one of Christ’s 12 apostles and spent most of his life preaching the Christian gospel following Jesus’ death. He died by crucifixion around 67 CE and is regarded as the Catholic Church’s first Pope.

St Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus, was converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus shortly after Christ’s death. He became an influential leader in the Christian church. He was beheaded around the year 67 CE during the Roman Emperor Nero’s persecution of the Christians. Paul was known by two names: firstly, by his Jewish name "Saul", which can be translated "asked of Yahweh," and then by his Roman name "Paulus," rendered simply as "Paul". Holding two names was a common practice among the Diaspora, those Jews who lived outside Palestine. Even today, the affixing of a "first" and "middle" name appears to echo this ancient practice.

Finally, I wish to share with you that Travis Davis will be leaving his role at St Aloysius College at the end of this term, in order to start another chapter in his career contributing to Catholic Education at Aquinas College. We wish Travis all the very best.

As this is the last edition of the term, I would like to wish all students an enjoyable break and remind them to take some time to reflect upon their progress in the first semester in order to fully prepare for Semester 2.