From Year 11

We are now ending another cycle which has been quite eventful.

There was of course the Athletics carnival, where competitors gave their everything to get as many House points as possible in the different events. The purpose of the day is for everyone to have a go, and that really was the attitude of the Year 11s. It was also a day of socialising and cheering for peers, so it was an enjoyable day for everyone.

This was followed the next morning by our Mother's Day breakfast, which I hope attendees enjoyed. The work and dedication that mothers have is never acknowledged enough, so this was our opportunity to say thank you.

In Active Minds, students discussed together their strategies for resilience, and also why they might struggle to be resilient at times. Resilience is the ability to deal with challenges by managing your stress and finding solutions to the problem, so this was an interesting topic for Year 11s to reflect on, and also for us to understand our students better.

In one of the Nourish sessions, students were put into teams with peers they may not normally work with, and they solved a cluedo-style puzzle together. This was a chance for them to get to know new classmates, as well as to realise through the puzzle-solving that they need to work together to reach their goals.

Students also attended a theatre performance of “The Hoods” by the VCE students, and really enjoyed witnessing and supporting their talent and effort. We are grateful that those student actors offered this opportunity to their peers.

Alizee Bourgault, Year 11 Leader