From Year 12

Year 12s have been very busy the past fortnight preparing and completing their final assessments for Unit 3, prior to the upcoming trial exams. Included in this edition are reflections from our Year 12 students, giving an insight into a variety of VCE studies and the assessments they have been completing.

Daniela Franzé, Year 12 Leader

Theatre Studies

On Thursday the 19th, the VCE Theatre Studies class performed their production of Hoods, a play by Angela Betzien. With the planning stage beginning at the end of 2021, each student in the class worked on their own prospective production roles, resulting in a performance that was directed, designed and performed by the students alone. We performed two runs of Hoods, once for the year 11 cohort and our final performance for the year nine music class. This production formed part of the first outcome for unit 3. Albeit nerve wracking, the opportunity to perform for our cohort was a valuable and rewarding experience!

Kadee Axiak and Ruby Parkinson

Physical Education

This term in Unit 3 Outcome 2 Physical Education, we have been studying the topic of energy systems and acute responses. In this area we have learnt about what fuels the body requires during physical activity and how such fuels provide our energy systems with the resources to put our bodies through physical activity and how our bodies recover, which energy systems are dominant and how our body responds to said activity.

On the 17th of May we had an incursion after school where we had a member of METs and student from Deakin University come in and talk to us about energy systems and a person’s acute responses to exercise, and a student performed a VO2 max test on a bike which provided data on how much oxygen she was using during exercise and determines the maximal oxygen you can consume during exercise.

Jazmyn Mathers


This term in Unit 3 Music Performance, we have been working hard on practising and sharpening various techniques on our instruments. We have spent many hours practising and workshopping with classmates to get feedback and to ultimately, get our pieces ready for the end of year performance in term 3. Additionally, we have also been working on our music theory consisting of aural recognition of various chord progressions and cadences. Although it can be hard to recognise various progressions, it is very rewarding to see our progress in our accuracy of recognising these progressions.
We hope that in the future we will be able to perform some of our pieces to the school to show our dedication and hard work put into getting these pieces ready.

Angela Foulstone


In Psychology we recently finished the outcome of ‘Learning and memory’. This topic explored how our memories are formed and reconstructed. For example, it outlined how new synapses can form as a result of learning and can also weaken as a result of less stimulation. This area of study helped us understand the importance of studying regularly because our neurons will work more efficiently!

India-Sophia Line

Business Management

In Business Management, we have just completed our studies on managing employees. In this area of study, we have looked at motivational strategies and three key principles that employers can utilize to keep their employees motivated to achieve the business's objectives. The three key principles include Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which suggests employees have five fundamental needs which they strive to fulfil in a hierarchical order, Locke and Latham's Goal setting theory which indicates that employees strive to fulfil four fundamental drives and Lawrence and Nohria's Four Drive theory which states that employees strive to achieve well-defined objectives. Using these theories as well as motivation strategies, we have proposed and justified possible solutions to employee management in contemporary business case studies.

Abuoch Diing