From Year 8

On Thursday the Year 8 students participated in their Reflection Day. The day commenced in the College Hall, and the students were given an opportunity to reflect on the College theme for 2022 of Respect along with the Year 8 of theme “Connections” along with the aim of building connections with their student peers, teachers, and the wider community. Amongst the many engaging group activities on the day, students had the opportunity to discover their strengths, learn the values and the qualities that influence how they choose to live, contributed to the creation of ​the Long Walk Banner together​ and found a motto for action for the remainder of this year. The day concluded with a Year level Liturgy celebrating our respect and connection with each other.

On behalf of the Year 8 students, I would like to thank Mr Chesser for organising such a memorable day and all the Year 8 teachers who attended.

Below are several student reflections and pictures from the day.

Rita Stangherlin, Year 8 Leader

We began our morning by going through the schedule, and played a fun warm up game called Kings, Mounts, and Cavaliers. We moved on to complete a short reflection about what we hope not to regret during our time at school and throughout our life. We also answered questions about what qualities we want to have in friends, and qualities we see in ourselves. In groups, we wrote a poem about a certain type of respect that was later read. After snack, a few people went on to paint a "Respect For All" banner for the Long Run. We created posters with special quotes, and stuck leaves on the banner with singular but special words written on them. The result looked fabulous! After lunch, we had a liturgy to finish off the day. My favourite part was painting the banner and reflecting on ourselves and others.

Charlotte Di Mauro 8A.
The Year ‘s had a lovely reflection day. It was day to reflect on both our lives and spirituality. We made mottos for our life, we created a poster for the Long Walk, and we participated in a Liturgy. A big thank you to the year 8 teachers, as well as Ms Stangherlin and Mr Chesser for organising this and making it such a memorable day.

Nicola And Jo 8B
Our Reflection Day began with a laughter-filled game of ‘Kings, Mounts and Cavaliers’. We reflected on the question about our personal traits and what we want to accomplish during our time at St Aloysius College. We completed a values test and tried to figure the most common value in the year level, it ended in everyone agreeing that all our values were different and specific to each individual. Following that, we had some fun making posters with mottos or quotes that resonated with us. We also started making leaves for our ‘Long Walk’ banner. To conclude our day we had a liturgy based around our 2022 college theme ‘Respect’, in which many students participated in. Overall, it was a fun day for all year 8’s and I’m sure the other year levels can’t wait for their turn.

Grace Davies 8C