From Year 9

What an eventful two weeks we have had. Year 9 students absolutely enjoyed the College Athletics Carnival and there so many Year 9 students with their mothers at the Mothers Day breakfast. The Year 9 students participated in NAPLAN in such a cooperative manner. It was wonderful to hear them chatting about what they wrote on the completion of each test. They were praising each other on their responses and how they went. In Nourish students participated in a two-week Resilience Program where they gained an understanding of what resilience is and how to build resilience. Being able to bounce back is a lifelong skill and the aim of the program was to help students see problems as challenges that can be solved rather than mountains that can’t be moved.

I would like to congratulate the following Year 9 students Carlota Ham Lopez 9C, Sophie Hamilton 9C, Eva Bacher 9C, Alyssia Diegmann 9B, Inez Roennfeldt 9B, Alex Del Mastro 9B and Olivia Tringali 9A for their active participation in the Seeds of Justice Conference. This Conference was online and the theme was Together in Mercy: Welcoming the Stranger. The focus was on refugees and those seeking asylum. A very fitting topic given the war in Ukraine at the moment.

On Monday 16th May the following Year 9 students Abi Reivers 9C, Suri Shrestha 9A, Edelweiss Perez 9B and Ellie Mathers 9A participated in the ACS Chess Tournament at Loyola College. They thoroughly enjoyed the event and gained many new skills.

It is hard to believe that there are only five weeks left of the term. No doubt students are looking forward to the long weekend in June and celebrating St Aloysius Day on Tuesday 21st June.

I have included below some photos of students at the Athletics Carnival and in their elective classes.

Mary De Bono, Year 9 Team Leader and Mercy RITES Leader