From Year 11

I would like to open this newsletter segment by welcoming everyone back to term 3 !

Although this is a long term, students are now getting close to stepping up to year 12. This was really felt when they did their primary subject selection in week 1. This term for us will be focused on having conversations ensuring students choose subjects they are interested in and will give them the best options for tertiary educations or work entry. Parents should also be involved in these discussions and decisions.

This year’s Musical production season is in full swing, with performances this weekend. I would like to acknowledge the monumental work and effort of our staff and students for creating this show for the community. I am sure the support from the community and everyone who will attend, will be well appreciated.

Our VCAL class is working on developing our school canteen for their Work Related Skills subject with their teacher Ms Donato. The whole school is looking forward to enjoying the menu prepared by our students.

As this will be a long term, some of our Nourish and Active Minds sessions will focus on long term, sustainable self-care. This week, we have discussed the importance of good sleep hygiene as well as developing an attitude with Grit to keep persevering through the semester.

Alizee Bourgault, Year 11 Leader