From Year 12

Year 12s have made a great start to Term 3, returning from the holidays feeling refreshed. Many students attended holiday classes during the break, but also had the opportunity to slow down and be ready for the busy weeks ahead.

Last term and continuing through to this term the Year 12s participated in sessions relating to the VTAC application process, which opens on the 1st of August. Our Careers Leader Audrey Abelardo has outlined how the process works, course preferences and entrance requirements and prerequisites. Last week’s session had a particular focus on the Special Consideration/Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), scholarships and the personal statement. Staff have been supporting students through this process, with meetings and careers interviews with Ms Abelardo.

The Year 12s are encouraged to look through course requirements and start to prepare any documentation required and pre-selection tasks for folio based courses. Further information is available here.

We also encourage students to attend Tertiary Open Days this year. Many institutions have made a return to onsite open days, allowing students to have tours of campus facilities, speak to students and lecturers within different courses/departments.

Daniela Franzé, Year 12 Leader

Below are some reflections of Year 12 students from a variety of subjects, giving an insight into what’s been happening in the classroom during the start of Term 3.

During this year, the VCAL students have been undergoing personal and team projects. Through Personal Development Skills, we have been completing our own personal projects that go through to the end of the year. As part of our Work Related Skills class, we are planning to start, in the coming weeks, the canteen. Other classes that we are completing are Numeracy where we have been completing practical maths (currency, time difference, tax, and interest) and Literacy where we have completed persuasive writing units. Every student also has their chosen VET courses and Friday work placements.
Clair Harris
This term in Media, we have begun our production on our final media products which we have been working on as a part of our folios since the beginning of the year. There are a range of forms we have each decided to work within such as film, print and animation. As our theory component for Unit 4 we are studying agency and control such as the role of the government regulating Australian and global Media, as well as looking at audiences' relationship with media. We are all excited to finally see our final media products come together!
Ruby Parkinso
In Further Maths this year we've done data analysis, financial maths and this term we're looking at matrices. We learned about matrix multiplication and applying matrices to real-world problems - it's very interesting. After this, we're going to learn about networks and decision maths.
Erin Oscini