From Year 8

The Year 8 students have certainly started Term 3 energized and refreshed. The time has come for the students to choose their 2023 Subject selections, where they were required to choose their core language and 6 elective subjects for Year 9. The students were excited to exercise greater control over their learning and to begin to refine their interests.

This semester, four new Year 8 students joined the year level, and the students have been busy showing them around the school, helping them settle in and demonstrating their Mercy values.

The Year 8 Italian students had a cultural experience whereby and 21-year-old chef, Gianluca demonstrated how to make various shaped pasta “cavatelli and fusilli”. Before the girls enjoyed the “orecchiette col sugo” they had a go at making their own. It certainly wasn’t as easy as it seemed, but the eating was very enjoyable as you can see from the photos!

The students have changed their electives this semester, 8B made a special swirly twirl dessert in a glass” in Food Studies and are excited to be sewing in Textiles. 8A and 8C have begun their Drama and Art experience. The Year 8 students continue to be keen participants of the co-curricular activities: this term the SCSA AFL, Volleyball, Soccer and Netball will take place throughout weeks 1-6.

The excitement for “Aladdin Jr”, is palpable and many year 8 students are either performing, or helping in some manner. Our school production is a celebration for the entire community – students, staff, families and the wider school community school, come together to celebrate the hard work of the young people involved. Students find this collaborative, fun and engaging experience deeply enriching, and this allows them to develop friendships with other students in different year levels.

May the colder weather continue to keep us alert and focused.

Rita Stangerlin, Year 8 Leader