From Year 9

The Year 9 students have had a wonderful start to Term 3. There is a lovely energy with this year level. Many students did not stop over the holidays coming in for Production rehearsals and they continue to rehearse long hours so that they were ready for the very first show to the Primary School Students on Wednesday 20th July. They are so excited about performing to the community. Other students have participated in sporting competitions and after school debating.

The big focus with Year 9 students at the moment is subject selection for Year 10. Last week students had their Nourish Session dedicated to talk about Year 9 Camp and Subject Selection. They are excited to have an option to be choose a VCE Unit 1 subject at Year 10. This is a good way for them to get a taster of the subject and see if they want to continue it through later on in VCE. It is great to see students engage with Learning Leaders and Our College Careers Counsellor to discuss subject options. Subject Selections are due 9:00am on Friday 22nd July.

We had a relief teacher for some classes today and it was lovely feedback from the teacher at lunchtime who said the Year 9 students are a dream to teach. I was so proud of the Year 9 students, and this was lovely feedback. I hope they can continue in this manner for the remainder of the year.

A reminder that masks are mandated on all public transport so please keep this in mind for when students are travelling to or from school on public transport. At school, masks are highly recommended.

I hope to see you all at production and let’s hope the last month of winter starts to climb up a little in degrees as there have been some chilly mornings.

Kind Regards

Mary De Bono, Year 9 Team and Mercy Ethos Leader