Ms Nadia La Velle

Performing Arts: Taking Centre Stage

Drama in the Classroom

The Year 7 Drama students began the year by participating in several Mime Group Activities, this encouraged students to work closely in groups to design and perform tasks. The year 8 Drama students have been focusing on the theatre style of Musical Theatre whilst the Year 9s are exploring the work of Non-Naturalistic drama practitioners through a research task, scripted work, and drawing on contemporary practice as they devise their own ensemble performances. It has been a productive start for the VCE Theatre Studies class. Students are currently in rehearsal of their group performance of Hoods which will be performed to an audience next term.

Music in the Classroom

Year 7 Classroom Music students have had a wonderful start to the year. Although we have only been back for a short period of time, they have already started to develop personal skills, music theory knowledge, practice skills and confidence to perform to an audience.

Year 8 Music students are exploring various aspects in Music. The theme for the year is ‘Songs’ which involves analysing, exploring, listening, composing and performing songs with various depth and complexity. Students also involved in various projects such as Music in the 80s and 90s. They also develop practical skills with their voices and instruments.

In Year 9 Music, students are exploring and experiencing music from a range of times and cultures. They are developing knowledge and understanding music from different cultures. VCE Music students are busy working on music theory, composition, listening analysis, and working on their practical skills in their chosen instrument.

College Production: Aladdin JR

Meet the cast of our 2022 college production of Aladdin JR.

It has been a rigorous process to narrow it down to these final 35 students. Last week Lisa Callaghan (choreographer), Amber Sindoni (vocal director), and I auditioned over 65 students. This process involved the students having to sing, act, and dance to showcase their talents. We had to do things a little differently this year as girls were also having to audition via TEAMS, videos, and previous experience was considered when we were making the final selections. Unfortunately, we cannot allow all students into the musical, but I congratulate all students for having the courage to audition. I also want to congratulate all the students who were accepted into the musical. We are excited to see the show take flight on a magic carpet ride! This cast is going to do amazing things.