Science Week

The Science laboratory was filled with enthusiastic students from years 7 to 12 who gathered during lunch on Tuesday, 15th August to participate in Science Week activities. Upon entering the laboratory, students were invited to observe, engage and delve into the excitement of science by exploring various scientific models.

Our young scientists then took on the role of alchemists and created their own crystals using borax and coloured dyes. Whilst these creations took shape, students explored our new marine habitat with aquatic snails, fish, and newly introduced fish eggs. Students excitedly voted for the names of their favourite scientists to name our school of “Scientifish”.

To conclude our activities, students participated with high energy in the race to win chocolate frogs in our Science trivia quiz. Our winning trivia team will be launching a rocket which can reach 100 feet into the air later this week at the Oval. A heartfelt thanks to Ms Natalie Geary, our laboratory technician and all our Science teachers for their contributions toward making Science Week 2023 memorable for our students.

Kareena Martis
Learning Leader: Science