Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

Seussical JR. did what any good musical should – it entertained. However, it also accomplished what great theatre does, it challenged the audience to think. By combining the endless possibilities that lie within the pages of Dr Seuss’ imagination, it also highlighted some of the great life lessons embedded with his texts; to be thankful, be kind, and to think big.

Set in Whoville, a town that lacked colour and vibrancy, the only form of escape and expression that young JoJo could find was within the vivid thinks that he thinks. Seussical JR. conveyed the exaggerated inner thoughts of a child struggling to find their place in the world and highlighted the positivity of finding oneself and accepting others as they are, after all a person's, a person, no matter how small.

Think, of the extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated creative and production team who took this journey with me- to each and every one of them, please say thank you! Think, of the cast and crew and thank them for their creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and time they gave so selflessly. Think, of these students and how they are a credit to St. Aloysius College, their families and themselves.

Seussical JR. was performed to over 1000 audience members with sell-out shows, we are so happy to have taken you on our adventure to Whoville and the Jungle of Nool.

Nadia La Velle