Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

Seussical JR

Seussical JR. does what any good musical should – it entertains. However, it also accomplishes what great theatre does, it challenges the audience to think. By combining the endless possibilities that lie within the pages of Dr Seuss’ imagination, it also highlights some of the great life lessons embodied with his texts; to be thankful, be kind, and to think big.

Musical theatre is where the magic of performance transforms an army of school students into a collaborative force of dancing, singing, and acting artists. However, what usually goes unseen is the enormity of the learning which takes place when a group of students and teachers come together to make the magic. Not only are students given an opportunity to explore and develop their talents in this process, but relationships are also strengthened, the skills of compromise and negotiation developed, social skills enhanced, and personalities and talents enriched through the interaction involved in the process.

Even though there is a lot of learning that takes place for these artists, there is also lots of fun and laughter enjoyed by all. The cast of Seussical JR has been working rigorously to memorise lines, create characters, become skilled in the choreography, and the performers are constantly being challenged to get the pesky harmonies correct. Our 2023 cast and crew display a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and talent and cannot wait to perform Seussical JR to the St. Aloysius community.

We hope you do not miss this fabulous musical. Closing night is sold out! If you have not already, make sure you purchase tickets for the following performances here:

  • Tonight, 21st July (only 14 seats left!)
  • Tomorrow, 2pm Matinee (only 1 seat left!)

See you there!
Nadia La Velle