Mission & Ethos

Spirituality and Art

As part of the Year 12 Religious Education course at St Aloysius College, North Melbourne, our senior students have been creating Art Journals linking in with their Spirituality.

To begin this process students are first asked to reflect on different points of their life, choosing key moments of their journey so far and writing down 6 key moments or events. Students then reflect on how their faith and beliefs have impacted these important moments.

After this, in reflection, students take these moments or events and explore how they may depict these in a visual sense, discovering what symbols or images they could use to encapsulate them. They may also investigate how they may bring in influences/styles of their own culture.

Each student then receives an A5 art-booklet where they are asked to plan their single and double-page spreads for their Visual Journal. There are 20 pages in their journal and students are given several lessons to complete the journals whilst part of teacher directed mindfulness tasks.

Several students are asked to display these wonderful (and personal) creations as part of our college annual Visual Arts Exhibition later in the year.

Michael Chesser
Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos