Sports Development

MCG Excursion

On Wednesday the 22nd June, the Year 10 Sports Development class was given the opportunity to visit the Australian Sports Museum at on an MCG Excursion. It gave the Year 10 class the opportunity to further our knowledge and development of what we had been working on throughout Semester One. We were privileged enough to hear from former Olympian Pam Kilborn, who set many world records as a hurdler representing Australia. Pam spoke about resilience and told us to try our best to achieve our dreams and aspirations. She also spoke about her disappointments as well as her achievements, which was very inspirational for us as girls participating in different sports. She told us to keep pursuing what we love no matter the circumstances that are thrown at us along the way.

The Year 10 Sports Development class was very grateful to have had the chance to participate in activities as well as walking around the museum and learning about sporting stars and events.

Ms Emma Turner